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Table 1 Components of educational intervention

From: Impact of educational intervention on willingness-to-pay for health insurance: A study of informal sector workers in urban Bangladesh

Day Topic Aim How Lead by
First Importance of urban informal sector workers in Bangladesh To make the participants understand the potential of contribution to economy and collectively meeting challenges of health Power point presentation and discussion The main facilitator
Case study on Golam Kibria, an informal sector worker who got sick and its consequence on health, economy and family To make understand the importance of good health on economy and family Group discussion Group moderator
Current healthcare facilities of workers and its quality of service To understand the current situation of healthcare access and quality of care for the workers under intervention and their level of satisfaction Group discussion Group moderator
Second Current mechanism of healthcare financing, healthcare triangle, concept and utility of health insurance To put into context of sustainable and self-dependent healthcare financing Power point presentation and discussion Main facilitator
Insurance game To make understand the risk-sharing mechanism Game Group moderator
Roll-play To distinguish the service and payment difference between non-insured and insured patients Short drama Jointly by educators
Types of health insurance and its merits and demerits To make understand the merits and demerits of different types of insurance (private for profit, NGO and community based) Discussion Group moderator
Third History of social health insurance and recent development in low and middle income countries To put the participants into global context and finding the position of Bangladesh Power point presentation with discussion Main facilitator
Occupational cooperatives and/occupational solidarity To understand the possibilities and challenges of using occupational cooperative/ solidarity for developing health insurance Group discussion Group moderator
  Open discussion (questions and answers) To understand if the sessions could successfully meet the goals and to clarify any issues to the workers Discussion Main facilitators and all moderators