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Table 2 The service package of a real health insurance product

From: Impact of educational intervention on willingness-to-pay for health insurance: A study of informal sector workers in urban Bangladesh

Eligibility Anyone on paying premium
Group or individual Family up to 4 members
Period of services One year
Outpatient Low income/poor
Medical officer visit Free of cost
Specialist visit 60 BDT
Bed-Payment per day 50 BDT
Diagnostic tests  
 Ultrasonography 75-150 BDT
 Most of the tests Free of cost
 Some tests 10 - 200 BDT
 Blood transfusion of neonatal 500 BDT
 Other treatment of neonatal Free of cost
 Normal delivery 100 - 500 BDT
 Caesarean and other surgery 2000 - 3000 BDT
 Orthopedic surgery 3000 - 4000 BDT
 Appendicitis 100 BDT
 Gall bladder operation 3000 BDT
Medicine 50% discount of MRP set by government