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Table 1 summary of the input parameters for the simulated scenarios

From: Simulation model for cost estimation of integrated care concepts of heart failure patients

Parameter Conventional Telemedical
care care
Median length of stay 10 days [17] 6.5 days [17]
Median length of stay 2 days 2 days
(Intensive unit)
Hospitalizations 32.08%a [17] 20.37%a [17]
Visits to general practitioner 1.42b [20] 2.84b [20]
Visits to specialist 0.3b [20] 0.46b [20]
Intensive care treatment 12.6%c 12.6%c
In-hospital mortality 7.1%c 7.1%c
  1. a… probability for the time period of half a year.
  2. b… amount of visits for half a year.
  3. c… probability per stay.