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Table 1 Unit costs of resources

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of azacitidine in the treatment of high-risk myelodysplastic syndromes in Spain

Resources Cost per unit Description
Inpatient hospital stay (€ per days) €742.91 standard length of stay 28 days
Haematologist €62.22 Standard MDS visit
Nurse €33.20 Average cost
Biochemical Profile €44.03 Average cost
Bone Marrow (Aspirate) €133.80 Average cost
Full Blood Count €6.08 Average cost
Platelet transfusion €352.81  
Blood transfusion €353.23  
Adverse Events   
Neutropenia €68 Medical visit and analytics
Leucopenia €68 Medical visit and analytics
Febrile neutropenia €3,735 RDG 722. Simple pneumonia and pleurisy
Pyrexia €3,735 RDG 722. Simple pneumonia and pleurisy
Pneumonia €3,735 RDG 722. Simple pneumonia and pleurisy
Sepsis €3.728 ICD 205.00
  1. Abbreviations: MDS = myelodysplastic syndrome; DRG = Diagnosis-Related Group; ICD = International Classification of Diseases.