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Table 2 Variable definitions

From: A multilevel analysis of prenatal care and birth weight in Kenya

Variable Definition
Birth weight Birth weight in grams.
Birth weight reported 1 if child’s birth weight is reported;
  0 otherwise.
Adequate prenatal care 1 if prenatal care is sought from a skilled
  provider (doctor or nurse), the total
  number of visits is at least four, and the
  first prenatal care visit occurs within four
  months of pregnancy; 0 otherwise.
mother’s age at birth mother’s age at time of birth of child in
of child years.
Birth order child’s birth order.
Twin or multiple birth 1 if child is twin or from a multiple birth,
child 0 otherwise.
Urban residence 1 if area of residence is urban; 0 otherwise.
No education 1 if mother has no formal schooling;
  0 otherwise.
Primary education 1 if mother’s highest education level is
  primary; 0 otherwise.
Secondary education 1 if mother’s highest education level is
  secondary; 0 otherwise.
Higher education 1 if mother’s highest education level is
  higher; 0 otherwise.
Number of living Number of living children born to mother.
Never married 1 if mother has never been married;
  0 otherwise.
Final say on own 1 if mother has final say on own health
health care care; 0 otherwise.
First born child 1 if child is first born; 0 otherwise.
Male child 1 if sex of child is male; 0 otherwise.
Preceding birth interval The interval in months between birth of
  the child under study and the immediate
  preceding birth to the mother.
Mother wanted 1 if Yes; 0 otherwise.
Wealth index household’s wealth index, ranges from 1
  to 5.
Average distance to Provincial level average distance to
nearest health facility nearest health facility in kilometres.
Health facilities per Number of health facilities per 100,000 of
100,000 of population population, measured at the provincial
Selection term Term constructed from the selection
  model that controls for sample selection
Prenatal care residual Generalized residuals from the prenatal
  care model.