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Table 1 Search terms for the systematic literature reviewa

From: Costs of treating cardiovascular events in Germany: a systematic literature review

Domain Search terms
Subject “cost” OR “costs” OR “expenditure” OR “economic” OR “burden” OR “resource”
Setting “German” OR “Germany” [full text]
Cardiovascular events “myocardial infarction” OR “myocardial infarction” [MeSH]
“unstable angina” OR “angina, unstable” [MeSH]
“heart failure” OR “heart failure” [MeSH]
“peripheral vascular disease” OR “peripheral vascular event” OR “peripheral artery disease” OR “peripheral vascular diseases” [MeSH]
“stroke” OR “stroke” [MeSH]
  1. aThe terms are searched in title/abstract if there is no additional explanation