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Table 3 Delivery assisted by a trained person - probit regressions

From: Extending health insurance in Ghana: effects of the National Health Insurance Scheme on maternity care

Dep. variable:
Delivery assisted by a trained person
(1) (2) (3)
  dF/dx dF/dx dF/dx
NHIS enrollment 0.088a 0.083b 0.082a
  (0.017) (0.017) (0.016)
Obs. 5879 5866 5866
  1. Notes: Marginal Effects Reported (Huber-White heteroskedasticity-consistent standard errors in parentheses). Sample weights are applied. Column 1 includes only socio-demographic characteristics as explanatory variables. Column 2 adds economic characteristics. Column 3 adds the population per health-facility and the population per doctor. Statistical significance: a1 %, b5 %