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Table 1 Four-field breakdown of the oral healthcare sector

From: Using morbidity and income data to forecast the variation of growth and employment in the oral healthcare sector

  Breakdown by funding
First Oral Healthcare Market Second Oral Healthcare Market
Breakdown by goods Private or statutory health insurance schemes (comprehensive insurance or state funds) Private funding (consumer spending)
Oral healthcare sector core segment e.g. standard treatment in dental and orthodontic practices (“need dentistry”) e.g. professional tooth cleaning (PZR); orthodontic treatment for adults (“want dentistry”)
Goods as defined in the Health Expenditure Account (GAR)
Oral healthcare sector extended segment e.g. necessary bite correction appliances e.g. tooth bleaching, veneers, toothpastes, dental floss, manual and electric toothbrushes
“New” oral-health-related goods (subjective purchase decision)
  1. Source: Own diagram based on Henke et al. [11, 28]