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Table 2 Group classification of dental-practice treatment types

From: Using morbidity and income data to forecast the variation of growth and employment in the oral healthcare sector

Group Treatment types
Conservative dentistry segment (including surgery) Subgroups: conservative treatments (KONS) and periodontology (PAR):
 • BEMA:
   o General, conservative and surgical treatments
   o Periodontal treatments (excluding jaw fracture)
 • GOZ:
   o General dental treatments
   o Conservative treatments (excluding crowns)
   o Surgical treatments
   o Treatments for pathology of the oral mucosa and periodontium
Prosthetic dentistry segment Subgroup: Prosthetics:
 • BEMA:
   o Prosthetics
 • GOZ
   o Prosthetic treatments
   o Crowns (from “Conservative treatments”)
Other segments Subgroup: Other:
   o Orthodontics
 • GOZ
   o Prophylaxis
   o Orthodontic treatments
   o Fitting of occlusal appliances and bite guards
   o Functional analysis and therapy
   o Implantology treatments
 • Scale of Fees for Medical Practitioners (GOÄ)
  1. Source: Klingenberger et al. [18]