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Table 3 SFA results with an exponential distribution

From: Efficiency of Ontario primary care physicians across payment models: a stochastic frontier analysis

Variable name/output Number of visits Number of patients seen
N = 165   
FFS - reference   
FHG −0.054 −0.053
Blended Capitation −0.228b −0.191c
Salaried Models −0.310 −0.372c
FHT −0.255a −0.084
Rural −0.133 −0.066
Ln(hours spent on direct care) 0.213a 0.187b
Patient Characteristics   
Ln (average income quintile) −0.446c −0.461c
Ln(average age) 0.166 −1.133a
Ln(percent female) −0.545c −0.408
Ln(average ACG) 0.062 0.151
Consult Time   
Ln(Percent long consult) −0.246a −0.214a
Ln (long consult time) 0.003 −0.360c
Ln(regular consult time) −0.852a −0.377c
  1. Coefficient significant at: a < 0.001; b < 0.01; c < 0.05