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Table 1 Attributes, Levels and descriptions included in the DCE

From: Patient preferences in allergy immunotherapy (AIT) in Germany – a discrete-choice-experiment

Attributes Characteristics (Levels) SCIT Characteristics (Levels) SLIT
Administration form An injection given every visit at the physician’s office A tablet taken every day at home
Total number and duration of necessary visits to a physician 24 times for 45 min over 3 years 12 times for 15 min over 3 years
Frequency of a life-threatening anaphylactic shock
(An anaphylactic shock is a sudden, serious, life threatening allergic reaction)
1 in 10,000 patients 1 in 100,000 patients
Local side-effects
(Local side-effects occur in approximately half of the patients during the first months of treatment)
Rash or swelling
sited at the upper arm
Itching or swelling under the tongue
Sum of co-payments for the whole treatment
(Co-payments are paid at the pharmacy when picking up a prescription)
€60 over 3 years €120 over 3 years