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Table 2 Exemplary DCE choice set

From: Patient preferences in allergy immunotherapy (AIT) in Germany – a discrete-choice-experiment

  Immunotherapy A Immunotherapy B  
Administration form A tablet taken every day at home An injection given every visit at physician’s office  
Total number and duration of necessary visits to a physician 24 times for 45 min over 3 years 12 times for 15 min over 3 years  
Frequency of a life-threatening anaphylactic shock 1 in 10,000 patients 1 in 100,000 patients  
Local side-effects Itching or swelling under the tongue Rash or swelling sited at the upper arm  
Sum of co-payments for the whole treatment €120 over 3 years €60 over 3 years  
Question 1:
Which of the two therapies would you use?
A B None of them
Question 2:
Which of the two therapies do you prefer even if you don’t use it?
A B  
  1. (the displayed Immunotherapies A and B are just two of a number of hypothetical possibilities)