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Table 2 Colostomy-related HSUVs

From: Systematic review of health state utility values for economic evaluation of colorectal cancer

Valuation methods used HSUVs reported Reference
SG With colostomy 0.915
Without colostomy 0.804
Boyda [35]
TTO [20 years with CRC; 20 years with a colostomy]
Unscreened [0.80; 0.80]
Screened [0.80; 0.75]
Enrolled in a COL screening program [0.85; 0.79]
CRC patients [0.83; 0.90]
Dominitz [5]
EQ-5D With stoma 0.836
Without stoma 0.870
Hamashima [40]
SF-6D With stoma 0.69
Without stoma 0.73
Hornbrook [6]
SG Stage II/III rectal cancer, permanent colostomy 0.50
Stage IV metastatic/unresectable disease without colostomy 0.25
State IV metastatic/unresectable disease with colostomy 0.25
Ness [8]
TTO Currently with colostomy 0.84
Reversed colostomy 0.64
Community members 0.63
Smith [12]
EQ-5D PRT and TME PS 0.823
TME PS 0.853
van den Brink [27]
SG Stage II/III RC treated with resection, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and with permanent ostomy 0.50 Ness [8]
  1. a Reported HSUVs are re-expressed on a 0–1 scale
  2. COL colonoscopy, CRC colorectal cancer, HSUVs health state utility values; RC rectal cancer, SG standard gamble, TTO time trade-off, PRT preoperative radiotherapy, TME total mesorectal excision, PS permanent stoma