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Table 11 Construction of the CAPI scenario

From: Heterogeneity in general practitioners’ preferences for quality improvement programs: a choice experiment and policy simulation in France

Attributes Level Justification
Level of remuneration 4200 The maximum bonus a GP can earn is 7000€ a year, from which only 60 % is imputable to preventive services. We select this maximum in order to evaluate the highest benefit that can be expected from the CAPI.
Method of remuneration Forfait and Pay-for-performance The CAPI introduced P4P in France. A forfait per patient is adjusted depending on the attainment of the clinical practice targets.
Frequency of remuneration Annual The payment is made at each anniversary of the signed contract.
Prevention clinical guidelines No Even though various guidelines exist, they are not linked with the CAPI.
Feedback on preventive practices Yes Information is fed back to the doctor each trimester as part of the CAPI.
Continuing education in prevention No Continuing education is only on a voluntary basis and is not linked to the CAPI.
Group practice No No incentive for GPs working in teams is included in the CAPI.
Assistance by NPP No Assistance by NPP is not provided or supported under the CAPI.