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Table 2 List of attributes and levels

From: Heterogeneity in general practitioners’ preferences for quality improvement programs: a choice experiment and policy simulation in France

Attributes Levels
Level of remunerationa(annual increase) 100 Euros
6100 Euros
12,100 Euros
Method of remuneration Lump sum (forfait)
Lump sum and fee-for-service
Lump sum and pay-for-performance
Frequency of remuneration Monthly
Prevention clinical guidelines None
Participatory guidelines (participation in their definition and application)
Pre-established guidelines (evidence-based application)
Feedback on preventive practices Yes
Continuing education in prevention Yes
Type of practice Group of GPs
Solo practice
Assistance by non-physician providers during preventive work Yes
  1. aWe retain three levels: 0, 5 and 10 %. It was not possible to propose a truly null amount, so an amount very close to zero was proposed. French physicians are not accustomed to thinking about their income in percentage terms, thus the payment attribute was proposed in raw of the average income (in euros) rather in relative terms (in percentage)