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Table 8 CAPI and alternative QIPs

From: Heterogeneity in general practitioners’ preferences for quality improvement programs: a choice experiment and policy simulation in France

  CAPI Integrated primary care model (P1) Mixed remuneration (P2) Non-financial interventions (P3) Maximum satisfaction (P4)
Level of remuneration 4200 4200 4200 0 4200
Method of remuneration Forfait and P4P Forfait Forfait and FFS No Forfait and FFS
Frequency of remuneration Annual Annual Annual No NA
Prevention clinical guidelines No Pre-established No Participatory Participatory
Continuing education in prevention No Yes No Yes Yes
Feedback on preventive practices Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Group practice No Yes No No No
Assistance by non-physician providers No Yes No No NA
  1. In the last column, the frequency of remuneration and assistance by NPP are not considered because GPs are indifferent to it at the mean. The maximum satisfaction is defined for all GPs. The French forfait are paid annually per patient (P1). FFS means a payment at each visit and cannot be “monthly” or “annual”, but mixed remuneration here includes a forfait, so we select the annual frequency for P2