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Table 1 Modes of functioning of commmunity health committees in Nigeria

From: Information, regulation and coordination: realist analysis of the efforts of community health committees to limit informal health care providers in Nigeria

The mechanisms that informed outcome strategies to limit informal health providers were coded as:

▪ ‘Village Square’ (Mode I)

— if the outcome was achieved by the committee using meetings and the personal network of individual members to limit informal providers in their community;

▪‘Community Connectors’ (Mode II)

— if the outcome was achieved as committee members connect the voice of one category of health system actors to ears of other health system actors in the community;

▪‘Government Botherers’ (Mode III)

— if the outcome was achieved by committee members connecting the voice of community members and health workers to the ears of government officials;

▪ ‘Back-up Government’ (Mode IV)

— if the outcome was achieved by committees acting as back-up to the government; co-financing or co-managing health services with governments or NGOs;

▪ ‘General Overseers’ (Mode V)

— if the outcome was achieved by the committee positioning itself as overseers of the day to day running of health services, and financing health care through user charges.

  1. Source: Abimbola et al. [29]