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Table 1 Identification and valuation modalities of the seven items analysed in the mixed method

From: Mixed method versus full top-down microcosting for organ recovery cost assessment in a French hospital group

Items Identification Valuation
Surgery Microcostinga Top-downc
Anaesthesia Microcostinga Top-downc
Intensive Care Microcostinga Top-downc,d
Logistics Microcostinga Top-down
Imaging Microcostingb Top-downe
Biology Microcostingb Top-downf
Consumables Microcostingb Bottom-upg
  1. aDischarge abstracts
  2. bHospital Coordination
  3. cRelative Cost Index
  4. dLength of Stay
  5. eCommon Classification of Medical Procedure
  6. fNomenclature of Medical Biology Procedures
  7. gNegotiated Price for HCL in 2011