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Table 1 Definitions and descriptive statistics of variables on maternal care in India by source of provider, 2004–15

From: Out-of-pocket expenditure and catastrophic health spending on maternal care in public and private health centres in India: a comparative study of pre and post national health mission period

Variable Definition Descriptive statistics
Pre NHM (2004) Post NHM (2014)
Public Private Total Public Private Total
Ante-Natal Care (ANC) Percentage of mothers who received any of the ante-natal check-ups during pregnancy. 43.34 32.04 75.38 55.13 35.30 90.43
Institutional Delivery Percentage of mothers who delivered at either public or private health care facility 21.97 22.31 43.28 53.17 29.47 82.64
Post Natal Care (PNC) Percentage of mothers who availed any post natal services following childbirth. 28.52 35.90 64.42 45.69 33.62 79.31
All three maternal care services Percentage of mothers who received all of the three maternal care services (ANC, natal care and PNC). 11.32 11.54 31.80 31.22 20.20 66.09
Out-of-Pocket Expenditure (OOPE) on Institutional Delivery in US$ Total expenditure on institutional delivery net of reimbursement (mean) 42 170 56 46 300 138
Out-of-Pocket Expenditure (OOPE) on all three maternal care services in US$ Total expenditure on ANC, natal and post-natal care net of reimbursement (mean) 60 260 170 86 478 239