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Table 1 Questions from CHEERS checklist

From: A systematic review about costing methodology in robotic surgery: evidence for low quality in most of the studies

Section/items Items No Questions
 Background and objectives 3 Was an explicit statement of the broader context provided for the study?
Were the study questions and its relevance for health policy or practice decisions presented?
 Target population and subgroups 4 Were the analyzed characteristics of the base case population and subgroups described, including why they were chosen?
 Setting and location 5 Were relevant aspects of the system(s) stated in which the decision(s) needed to be made?
 Study perspective 6 Was the perspective of the study described and related to the costs being evaluated?
 Comparators 7 Were the compared interventions or strategies describe and was it stated why they were chosen?
 Time horizon 8 What was the time horizon?
Was the time horizon justified?
 Discount rate 9 If relevant, which discount rate was applied?a
 Estimating resources and costs 13 Was micro-costing applied?
Was the costs of purchasing the RMIS platform included?
Were the maintainance costs of RMIS reported (incl. depreciation and number of procedures)?
  1. aNA: If time horizon is not more than a year