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Table 1 Framework for the characteristics of capitation payment mechanism

From: Attribute development and level selection for a discrete choice experiment to elicit the preferences of health care providers for capitation payment mechanism in Kenya

1. Adequacy or sufficiency of the payment rateThe extent to which the payment rate covers the costs of services purchasedAdequate
2. Predictability of payment amountsWhether providers know what amount to expectPredictable
3. Predictability of payment patternsWhether providers know when they will get paidPredictable
4. Complexity of the accountability mechanisms associated with the PPMThe complexity of the accountability and reporting mechanisms associated with the PPMSimple accountability requirements
Complex/burdensome accountability requirements
5. Service coverage of the PPMThe range of services the PPM is paying forOutpatient services, inpatients services, dental, optical, surgical, nursing care
6. The performance requirements of the PPMWhether the PPM is tied to performancePayments tied to performance
Payments not tied to performance
7. Flexibility or autonomy of the PPMAutonomy health care providers have to spend or use the PPM funds on anythingAutonomous (Flexible)
Restricted (Rigid)
  1. Adapted from RESYST consortium’s framework on the characteristics of multiple funding flows [32]