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Table 4 Characteristics of pilot study respondents

From: Attribute development and level selection for a discrete choice experiment to elicit the preferences of health care providers for capitation payment mechanism in Kenya

Job titles
 Medical directors and superintendents19.35%6
 Pharmaceutical personnel-in-charge9.68%3
 Administrative officers and directors19.35%6
 Clinical officers-in-charge9.68%3
 Financial managers and accountants16.13%5
 Medical laboratory personnel-in charge3.23%1
 Medical social workers3.23%1
 Chief executive officers3.23%1
Type of health facility the respondent works in
 Faith-based & NGOs35.48%11
level of care the respondent worked in
 Primary care12.90%4
 Secondary care87.10%27
Total work experience
 Mean in years (standard deviation)13.32 (12.57)31
 Median in years (inter-quartile range)9 (4.5, 15.5)31
 Mean in years (standard deviation)39.81 (12.71)31
 Median in years (inter-quartile range)34 (30.5, 42.5)31