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Table 4 Costs of disability by severity: pooled model, using savings to represent the standard of living

From: The costs of disability in Australia: a hybrid panel-data examination

Key variablesCurrent periodLagged period
 Coef (SE)Contemporaneous costs (% of income)Coef (SE)Long-term Costs (% of income)
Disability severity    
No limitation-0.06* (0.03)13%-0.17*** (0.03)62%
Some limitation-0.19*** (0.03)42%-0.19*** (0.03)69%
Severe limitation-0.32*** (0.05)71%-0.32*** (0.05)118%
Log of Income0.45*** (0.02) 0.27*** (0.02) 
Hausman testχ2(4):21.9p-val:0.00
Any disability    
Disability-0.14*** (0.03)31%-0.21*** (0.03)77%
Log of income0.45*** (0.02) 0.27*** (0.02) 
  1. Note: Other covariates include: age, gender, ethnicity education level, marital status and employment status of the respondent; household size, housing tenure status, region of residence (rural vs urban), SEIFA quintile, and a time trend.