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Table 2 Quality assessment of included studies

From: The use of micro-costing in economic analyses of surgical interventions: a systematic review

 n (%)
Is the study population clearly defined?
 Yes84 (98.8)
 No1 (1.2)
Are the competing alternatives clearly described?
 Yes63 (74.1)
 Not applicable22 (25.9)
Is a well-designed research question posed in an answerable form?
 Yes85 (100.0)
Is the economic study design appropriate to the stated objective?
 Yes85 (100)
Is the actual perspective chosen appropriate?
 Yes48 (56.5)
 No1 (1.2)
 Not stated36 (42.4)
Sensitivity analysis performed
 No sensitivity analysis performed61 (71.8)
 Deterministic sensitivity analysis18 (21.2)
 Stochastic sensitivity analysis2 (2.4)
 Other stated sensitivity analysis3 (3.5)
 Not stated/not clear1 (1.2)
Do the conclusions follow from the data reported?
 Yes85 (100)
Does the study discuss the generalizability of the results to other settings and patient/client groups?
 Yes76 (89.4)
 No9 (10.6)
Do the authors reports any conflict of interest?
 Yes7 (8.2)
 No57 (67.1)
 Not stated21 (24.7)
Was ethical approval obtained for the study?
 Yes43 (50.6)