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Table 1 Measures taken in Wuhan in Phase I [12,13,14,15,16,17]

From: Overcoming COVID-19 in China despite shortcomings of the public health system: what can we learn?

Day Measures
Dec. 27 Cluster of Cases of pneumonia of unknown origin first reported to China CDC
Dec. 29 Pneumonia cases linked to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market
Dec. 30 Case-finding activated
Dec. 31 Outbreak announced by Wuhan Health Commission (WHC); National Health Commission (NHC) and China CDC involved in investigation and response
Jan. 01, 2020 Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market closed
Jan. 02 China CDC carried out pathogen identification
Jan. 03 Emergency monitoring, case investigation, close contact management, and market investigation initiated, technical protocols for Wuhan released; NHC notified WHO and relevant countries and regions; gene sequencing completed by China CDC
Jan. 06 China CDC Level 2 emergency response activated
Jan. 07 Coronavirus isolated and named 2019-nCOV
Jan. 08 A novel coronavirus was officially announced as the causative pathogen of the outbreak by China CDC
Jan. 09 The second group of experts from the NHC went to Wuhan to carry out epidemic prevention work
Jan. 10 China CDC publicly shared the gene sequence of the novel coronavirus; completed (Polymerase Chain Reaction) PCR diagnostic reagent development and testing; China begins its annual Spring Festival travel rush
Jan. 11 PCR diagnostic reagents provided to Wuhan; First fatal case reported
Jan. 14 The airport, railway station and wharf of Wuhan city carry out temperature check for departing passengers
Jan. 15 China CDC emergency response level upgraded to Level 1 (the highest level); national technical protocols for 2019-nCoV released by NHC
Jan. 16 Strict exit screening measures activated in Wuhan, people with body temperature 37.3 °C were restricted from leaving
Jan. 18 The third group of experts from the NHC went to Wuhan to carry out epidemic prevention work