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Table 3 Prevention and control measures taken by the Chinese government in areas with different levels of risk [12, 32, 33]

From: Overcoming COVID-19 in China despite shortcomings of the public health system: what can we learn?

Measures High-risk areas Medium-risk areas Low-risk areas
Area traffic control   
Close public facilities   
Close business   
Close primary schools and kindergartens   
Close colleges and universities   
Delayed start of school
Gathering activities are prohibited Reduce crowd gathering activities
Suspected cases are quarantined  
Close contacts are subject to isolation medical observation
Use a mobile app
Comprehensive screening of fever patients Medical institutions strengthen the monitoring, detection and reporting of fever cases
Door to door testing  
Wear masks in public places
Measuring body temperature
Keep social distance
Information registration of outsiders
Check health code, itinerary card
Negative nucleic acid test certificate
Disinfect relevant places