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Table 1 Benchmark parameters values

From: Endogenous health risks, poverty traps, and the roles of health insurance in poverty alleviation

Symbol Parameter Calibration
γ Risk aversion factor 3
β Utility discount factor 0.9820
φ Altruistic motivation 1
E Effectiveness of educational inputs 50,000 yuan
δ Effectiveness of physical overdraft 0.7
θ Growth rate of human capital 0.5
ρ Psychological price of physical state 50,000 yuan
α Capital share 0.35
A Total factor productivity 20,000
\( \underset{\_}{c} \) Consumption threshold 140,000 yuan
m Medical expenses 400,000 yuan
G0, G−1, G−2 Distribution of initial human capital levels log-logistic(8.8404, 0.4342)